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Construction Management Services

Proper planning prior and during the construction phase of any project ensures high-quality results. During this phase, and among other services, we: 

  • Establish detailed construction schedule highlighting all activities involved, including purchasing, fabrication, shop drawing production and construction work in place
  • Order and expedite the delivery of all material
  • Implement management control of all project activities
  • Prepare and implement subcontract agreements ( if applicable) and purchase orders
  • Provide engineering support
  • Customers assistance fron the beginning to a final quality job
  • Other services not listed, please call...

Residential / Commercial  quality services

  • All types of handymen services
  • Addition of attic isulation to maintain or preserve heat
  • Energy saving consultation (go green)
  • Epoxy coating, both interior and exterior
  • Flooring installation
  • Details
  • Drywall repairs
  • Historic preservation
  • Minor/major repairs and maintenance
  • Molding Installation
  • Most appliances installation
  • New construction
  • Odd jobs (you name it)
  • Security and invasion prevention systems (no wiring)
  • Special and decorative painting
  • Tile repairs and installation
  • And more...all in one site!!!


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